retro vintage outfitA few weeks ago I pulled the whole online-shopping-with-a-glass-of-wine-in-hand thing & got some stuff on sale at ASOS. But I kept it all, so I guess tipsy-jam lives to shop another day. An outfit honestly can dictate your entire mood and this one was comfy, felt like ‘me’ and made me want to create something fun. So here’s my OOTD, some pictures to capture the vibe of an outfit. Continue reading “OOTD: YOU USED TO CALL ME ON MY CAR PHONE”



TODAY, a collab with hannah who blogs lifestyle, travel & fashion over at just hannah here. She reached out to me with the idea to recreate each other’s instagram outfits & I couldn’t resist! She went through my insta & I went through hers, we each picked three outfits that we could recreate. SO, let’s see how I did. Continue reading “RECREATING EACH OTHER’S OUTFITS”

OOTD: Circus Tent Midi Skirt

OOTDMy clothes have a huge impact on my mood, anyone else? If I like my outfit, everything’s good, the day’s going great. But bad outfit? Bad day. The pattern of this striped midi skirt reminds me of a circus tent & for some reason that makes me smile. Outfit of the day featuring this circus-tent-looking skirt, let’s do dis. Continue reading “OOTD: Circus Tent Midi Skirt”

OOTD: Trousers & Band T’s

band t-shirtI’ve been wanting to do an outfit post with my green trousers for awhile. I really like trouser-type pants and love incorporating them into outfits, but my style tends to be a bit more laid-back. So, I figured I’d put together a casual outfit with these trousers by pairing them with one of my favorite band t-shirts. Casual trousers outfit of the day, let’s do dis. Continue reading “OOTD: Trousers & Band T’s”