christmas party outfit ideasPICTURE THIS: you’re going to your millionth holiday party of the season & suddenly you’re completely out of outfit ideas. You’ve gone through your wardrobe & everything sucks. We’ve all been there & sometimes you need some inspiration to find just the right outfit. Whether your holiday style is tacky, tasteful, or casual, let’s talk about holiday outfits. I ALMOST included a red dress, but I mean, we ALL know that’s a solid option. SO here are some Christmas party outfit ideas for some what-to-wear inspo! Continue reading “CHRISTMAS PARTY OUTFIT IDEAS”



sustainable clothingA few years back, I proofread a paper about fast fashion written by a friend & I’ve been thinking about it ever since. FAST FASHION is the new & latest fashions coming from the catwalk, what’s new & trendy RIGHT now. The kind of clothes you might wear one season because they’re IN & then get rid of the next cuz they’re OUT, which is something I have a really hard time doing. I’m the keep-clothes-so-long-they-become-vintage type, SO here are my thoughts on fast fashion. Continue reading “MY THOUGHTS ON FAST FASHION”


autumn outfitI MEAN apple picking is an absolute classic autumn activity. We recently went to pick some apples (& pumpkins!) with family & we for sure picked some good ones. There’s just something about apple picking in New England when the leaves start to change, so pretty. Eating apples, going on the hayride, drinking apple cider & apple cider donuts, can’t go wrong. SO here’s my autumn outfit of the day because bitches LOVE apple picking. Continue reading “OOTD: BITCHES LOVE APPLE PICKING”


ugly location photoshoot challengeTODAY I’m sharing some pictures that were taken in ‘ugly’ locations for the ugly location photoshoot challenge. I was tagged by Arianna who talks all about fashion, outfits & styling on her blog Aricouture, check her out! BUT FIRST, check out the ugly locations I picked for this challenge & the outfits I wore in said ‘ugly’ places. Continue reading “UGLY LOCATION PHOTOSHOOT CHALLENGE”