AND it’s about that time where I share the things I’ve been loving way more than all the other things this month. While I’m holding onto the last of the summer weather, I’m also getting excited for autumn, we’re onto spooky season now. SO here’s my August monthly favorites, the best of the best from a very busy month full of change. Continue reading “AUGUST MONTHLY FAVORITES”



monthly favoritesIt’s the last day of July & I’m here to share all the things I’ve been loving more than other things this month. It’s been a very busy summer, but definitely the good type of busy. Friends, sunshine, celebrating love, beach trips, you know, all the summer stuff. Hope everyone had a beautiful July, let’s do dis monthly favorites thing. Continue reading “JULY MONTHLY FAVORITES”


Happy national donut day! 🍩 I really would like to know why some months feel REALLY long & some feel super short? ALSO do you guys get annoyed by repeated empties? I’ve been keeping a running list so I don’t repeat products, but lately I’ve been feeling like if something is still my favorite after months, shouldn’t I share it again? So, here are my monthly favorites, the stuff I was loving more than other stuff this month. Continue reading “MAY MONTHLY FAVORITES”