Netflix Original: The Staircase

the staircaseIf you liked Making a Murderer or The Keepers then you should check out this new netflix original, The Staircase. We follow Michael Peterson’s trial in a documentary-style 13-part series. His wife ended up at the bottom of the stairs, the question being murder or misfortune? A classic case of did-he-or-didn’t-he. I don’t wanna give away too much, but here are my thoughts. Continue reading “Netflix Original: The Staircase”


13 Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why

I finished season 2 of 13 reasons why a few days ago & I have SO many thoughts. I can’t even really decide if I like it, or if I kinda h8 it. I watched it in two sittings & I even took notes lol. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that this didn’t really need a second season & part of me agrees, but I do like that we get another side of the story. So today I’m sharing my 13 thoughts on 13 Reasons Why.

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Netflix Original: Dark

netflix original darkSomeone commented on a blog post telling me to watch the Netflix Original Dark and I totally FORGET WHO IT WAS. But omg I watched all 10 episodes in one day, didn’t want to wait to see what happened. There’s a pretty good cliffhanger at the end, so I’m sure this won’t be the last we’re seeing from this show.

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Netflix Original: The End of the F***ing World

end of the world netflix originalI love a good Netflix Original & this one I watched in a day. There are only 8 episodes & they’re around 20 min each, so it’s an easy watch. The End of The Fucking World follows two spunky 17 year old misfits (Alyssa & James) who find each other & go on an adventure of sorts. She’s escaping and he has evil intentions, but there’s more to the story. Talking about the end of the world, let’s do dis.

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