Dawn Dagger Challenge!

dawn dagger challenge
I was nominated for the dawn dagger challenge from a few of my lovely fellow bloggers. Kali blogs about beauty and thrifting, Ann-Kathrin talks DIYs, recipes and other creative stuff, and Sophie has a lifestyle blog about veganism, mental health, and more. I’ve never done this tag before, time to answer like 30 questions!

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The Gratitude Award!

the gratitude awardI was nominated by Jennifer AKA The Blonde Healer for the gratitude award, which she also created! I think it’s important to stay positive when things in the world may seem negative, so I was happy to see that she chose to do a gratitude award. She blogs about food, nutrition, wellness & so much more, go check her out. Now onto the lovely award she created. Continue reading “The Gratitude Award!”

Liebster Award! (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11)

liebster awardIt’s happened again, these nominations have piled up! I like doing these bcuz it gives you a reason to tag some blogs you’ve been loving. A few blog-people have nominated me. Cassi blogs beauty and makeup stuff, Janah talks about art, films, books & beauty, Sophia writes about beauty, baking & travel, princess blabbermouth blogs about books, food, beauty & more, Laura talks beauty, life & even the occasional recipe, and Keira is a dental student who writes about nature and travel. Let’s answer abuncha questions.

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Mystery Blogger Award! (4, 5 & 6)

mystery blogger awardI was kinda recently nominated by a few blog-people for the mystery blogger award! Lee blogs about everything from life to DIYs, Amber talks lifestyle stuff and has an etsy shop with pins & buttons, and Miranda has a lifestyle blog and talks beauty, wellness, and so much more. Check these humans out, I like their blogs & you might too!

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