Awesome Blogger Award! (1 & 2)

awesome blogger awardI haven’t been nominated for this one before, so I’m excited to give it a go! I was tagged by a couple of my lovely fellow bloggers; Pamela runs a lifestyle blog about beauty, books, musicals & SO much more, and Rebecca’s blog is full of drawings, crafts, recipes & other stuff as well. Check out their blogs & show them some love! Onto da award. Continue reading “Awesome Blogger Award! (1 & 2)”

Blogger Recognition Award! (7, 8 & 9)

blogger recognition awardI’ve been nominated by a few of my lovely fellow bloggers for the blogger recognition award! Pamela runs a lifestyle blog about beauty, books & so much more, Invisible-No-More is geared towards life after a mid-life crisis, and Lindsey has a lifestyle blog with book reviews, positive messages & more. Go check these girls out! Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award! (7, 8 & 9)”

Mystery Blogger Award! (7, 8, 9 & 10)

mystery blogger awardI’ve been nominated for the mystery blogger award by a few of my fellow blog-people! Huda blogs everything beauty and mixes in some amazing lifestyle posts as well, Sarah talks self-care, makeup & reviews amongst other things, Erin blogs fashion, makeup & more, and Bri has a lifestyle blog all about fashion, food & mental health. Go check them out! Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award! (7, 8, 9 & 10)”

Dawn Dagger Challenge!

dawn dagger challenge
I was nominated for the dawn dagger challenge from a few of my lovely fellow bloggers. Kali blogs about beauty and thrifting, Ann-Kathrin talks DIYs, recipes and other creative stuff, and Sophie has a lifestyle blog about veganism, mental health, and more. I’ve never done this tag before, time to answer like 30 questions!

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