unpopular opinionsOH HOW I LOVE sharing my unpopular opinions. I always get some of my absolute favorite comments on these blog posts, just so cool to see which opinions end up being popular & which end up being just me. SO sharing some opinions of the unpopular variety & PLEASE let me know which you agree, or disagree with most! Continue reading “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (8)”



unpopular opinionThrough a wonderfully merry season, you still have to stir up some drama here & there. I figured it was only right to post some unpopular holiday opinions this December! ALL I want for Christmas is for you to tell me how MUCH you agree and/or disagree with my opinions. These comment sections are always the best, so cool to compare thoughts. SO HERE WE GO, some unpopular opinions, Christmas edition. Continue reading “UNPOPULAR HOLIDAY OPINIONS”


unpopular opinionsI hope you’re having a wonderful SPOOKY season. It is about DAMN time I shared some more of my unpopular opinions. I always LOVE the comment sections on these posts cuz I think it’s so cool how different opinions can vary, for one reason or another. ALL IN GOOD FUN, let’s talk unpopular opinions & be sure to let me know in da comments which one you disagree (or agree) with the most! Continue reading “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (7)”