Making Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

homemade chicken broccoli alfredoMy friend Mia taught me how to make chicken broccoli alfredo completely from scratch & we vlogged da whole thing. I’m a huge fan of white sauce & it’s always way better when it’s homemade rather than from a jar, so it was really cool to learn! We’ve been friends for years now & I always love getting to see this gem. Homemade chicken broccoli alfredo, let’s do dis.

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Skittles Blind Taste Test Challenge

I think Brett might have actually come up with the idea for this. He also went online and bought NINE flavors of skittles so we could blind taste test them all. We didn’t really know there were so many flavors of skittles & with the main flavor being fruity, it wasn’t easy to tell them all apart. Watch us eat a bunch of skittles blindfolded, let’s do dis.

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ASOS Haul & Try-On

ASOS haul try-onHalfway through the week, halfway happy. But a lot happy about my ASOS shop. We’re going to key west next month & I definitely needed a few new things! You know when you go shopping & show someone what you got & they tell you what they think? I always really liked that. Ordered a buncha stuff from ASOS, so here’s a haul and try-on video.

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Vlog: Getting My New Camera

I wrote my blog post celebrating 2 years of blogging a few months back & I’ve been using my iPhone 7 Plus for all my blog/vlog needs. I figured my phone worked well enough to take decent photo and video. But recently, I’ve been doing more videos & wanting my pictures to be a bit, well, better. I figured since I’m not sick of don’t give a jam yet, I might as well invest in a camera! And, of course, I wanted to share my first impression. Continue reading “Vlog: Getting My New Camera”