Q&A videoHalfway through the week, halfway happy. I asked you for some questions, so today I’m sharing some answers. Brett & I have been SO busy lately and with new followers come people who haven’t got a clue what I’m all about. Let’s change that & let’s do this Q&A thing. Continue reading “Q&A: GHOSTS, EMBARRASSING MOMENTS & BEING YOURSELF”



pad thai mukbangJust eating pad thai in my pad thai shirt, you know. Brett actually suggested we film a mukbang, so, here we are. We talked Hanley Ramirez & the whole fentanyl thing, what to name our future dog, Westworld season 2 (which was INSANE) & a ton of other stuff. Definitely cool to sit down & film something more low-key. Grab a snack, grab some dinner, grab a friend, let’s do this mukbang thing.
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WEEKEND VLOG: Scaring Brett & Lots of Food

weekend vlog videoI’ve been uploading to my youtube channel every other Wednesday for a couple months now & I’m loving it! I like the clothing hauls & sit-down videos, but I love doing the vlogs. This one’s full of laughs, delicious food & a good scare. If you have about 4 minutes to spare for a weekend vlog, then let’s do dis. Continue reading “WEEKEND VLOG: Scaring Brett & Lots of Food”

Trash Hoarding (Empties #6)

empties blog postWow, just now realizing how long it’s been since I’ve done an empties post! The last one was about 4 months ago now & it’s time for another trash roundup. I love empties posts cuz you can share your full opinion on something once it’s completely used up. Also, I like knowing whether someone would or wouldn’t repurchase! So, today we’re talking trash, let’s do dis empties post thing. Continue reading “Trash Hoarding (Empties #6)”