Netflix Original: Love

netflix original love.pngOKAY let’s talk about this netflix original. I started watching it a few weeks back & I’ve already watched it through twice. This one’s from Judd Apatow & it’s clumsy, imperfect, raw & pretty damn funny. We’re talking about the netflix original love, brought to you by the clever brain behind titles such as knocked up, the 40 year old virgin & so MUCH more. A very low-spoiler (to no-spoiler) review of the netflix original love, a down-to-earth story about, well, love. Continue reading “Netflix Original: Love”

Unpopular Opinions (3)

I just, ya know, have a lot of opinions & I say the more unpopular the better. Or, at least the funnier the comment section. Anyone watch How I Met Your Mother and remember that episode with Katy Perry? They just keep saying “oh, honey” & that’s all I can think of when I wear this t-shirt. Sharing a buncha opinions that you may or may not disagree with completely. Unpopular opinions take 3, let’s do dis.

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27 Things I’ve Learned in 27 Years

lifestyle blog dontgiveajamIt’s my birthday! Anyone surprised I’m an aries? no? okay. I wrote one of these with 25 things as well. Got a lil tat & went out for dinner with my family on friday & celebrated at Fenway with my friends yesterday. They took me out to the ball game & the red sox had such an amazing comeback to win it! I always love reading these, so here’s 27 things I’ve learned in 27 years. Continue reading “27 Things I’ve Learned in 27 Years”