unpopular opinionsOH HOW I LOVE sharing my unpopular opinions. I always get some of my absolute favorite comments on these blog posts, just so cool to see which opinions end up being popular & which end up being just me. SO sharing some opinions of the unpopular variety & PLEASE let me know which you agree, or disagree with most! Continue reading “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (8)”



DIY pillow shamsSOMETHING a bit different today, making my own pillow shams! My gramma recently got a new sewing machine & gave me her old one, so I’ve been making some stuff, ya know, working on my sewing skills. THESE pillow shams are really simple cuz I’m STILL LEARNING lol. SO grab a glass of wine and DIY with me. Easy DIY pillow shams for those who have a lot of extra pillows and the desire to make them pretty. Continue reading “EASY DIY PILLOW SHAMS”


street style blogHEY HI HELLO this is actually don’t give a jam’s first BLOG post of 2019. I’ve been vlogging, but I haven’t blogged much lately, cuz of life & stuff. HERE today with a style post & wanna say THANK YOU for reading, THANK YOU for watching, thank you for giving a jam. I kinda skipped January, but it’s a long, silly month anyways, lol. SO here’s a vintage outfit of the day, a hand-me-down hoodie from my grampa, some sustainable fashion for ya, AN OUTFIT AND AN UPDATE. Continue reading “OOTD: TIGHTS AND A GRAMPA HOODIE”


donut recipe

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY I hope you’re having a sweet day whether it’s date night, a galentine’s bash, or sitting on the couch eating pizza & binging Netflix. My friend Mia & I recently made homemade donuts for the first time & it wasn’t easy, BUT they actually came out pretty damn delicious. Boston cream & chocolate frosted, can’t go wrong. SO CHEERS to love & CHEERS to donuts, come watch me figure out how the kitchen works. Continue reading “DONUT RECIPE: MAKING HOMEMADE DONUTS”