Real Neat Blog Award! (6 & 7)

real neat blog awardI hope everyone had a wonderful week, I’m so happy it’s Friday. 🙌🏻 Two of my lovely fellow bloggers nominated me for the real neat blog award, Jacolene AKA Blissful Boho blogs about beauty, travel & everything lifestyle and Sarah AKA Vintage Tea Rose talks beauty, lifestyle, decor & more! Go check out their blogs and spread da love. I’ve got some questions to answer & some cool blogs to share, let’s do dis.

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Making Apple Crisp With My Mum

apple crisp ingredientsWhen it gets chilly out, I always start to think about apple crisp. It’s such a cozy treat & so easy to make! I like it fresh out the oven with a scoop of ice cream on top, let it melt. I know everyone is already onto Christmas (can’t say I haven’t been planning blogmas already) but November is still an apple crisp month. Making apple crisp with my mum, let’s do dis. Continue reading “Making Apple Crisp With My Mum”

My Sunday In Snaps – Museum of Science

museum of science electricityOn Sunday my friends & I figured we’d re-live our childhoods and go to the Museum of Science in Boston. I’ve been a buncha times when I was younger, but it was a blast to re-visit as an adult(ish). There are so many interactive exhibits & things to see, I couldn’t capture it all, but I got some of my fave moments. So, here’s my Sunday in snapchats! Continue reading “My Sunday In Snaps – Museum of Science”

Awesome Blogger Award! (1 & 2)

awesome blogger awardI haven’t been nominated for this one before, so I’m excited to give it a go! I was tagged by a couple of my lovely fellow bloggers; Pamela runs a lifestyle blog about beauty, books, musicals & SO much more, and Rebecca’s blog is full of drawings, crafts, recipes & other stuff as well. Check out their blogs & show them some love! Onto da award. Continue reading “Awesome Blogger Award! (1 & 2)”