unpopular opinionsI hope you’re having a wonderful SPOOKY season. It is about DAMN time I shared some more of my unpopular opinions. I always LOVE the comment sections on these posts cuz I think it’s so cool how different opinions can vary, for one reason or another. ALL IN GOOD FUN, let’s talk unpopular opinions & be sure to let me know in da comments which one you disagree (or agree) with the most! Continue reading “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (7)”



autumn outfitI MEAN apple picking is an absolute classic autumn activity. We recently went to pick some apples (& pumpkins!) with Brett’s family & we for sure picked some good ones. There’s just something about apple picking in New England when the leaves start to change, so pretty. Eating apples, going on the hayride, drinking apple cider & apple cider donuts, can’t go wrong. SO here’s my autumn outfit of the day because bitches LOVE apple picking. Continue reading “OOTD: BITCHES LOVE APPLE PICKING”


lifestyle blogTODAY don’t give a jam turns 3! THREE years of sharing my words on da BLOG & now I VLOG as well. From posting my weird outfits & monthly favorites, to reviewing netflix originals & talking unpopular opinions, don’t give a jam is 114,808 words & counting. TODAY this lifestyle blog is 3 & we’re talking BLOGIVERSARY. Continue reading “3 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY ROUND-UP”