liebster award

A liebster award post for your Friday. Or, as I like to call it since autocorrect demands on helping me, the lobster award. I think these tags are a great way to learn about people & an even better way to share some blogs that I’ve been loving. So let’s answer some questions & have a wonderful weekend!

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VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! (10, 11, 12 & 13)

versatile blogger award

I’ve been nominated by a few of my lovely fellow bloggers for the versatile blogger awardJade_Louise blogs all things makeup, beauty & mom life, Miranda talks beauty,  skincare, recipes & so much more, Phoebe has a lifestyle blog featuring things like outfits, life updates, etc. and Nikky is a Dutch blogger who’s trying her hand at an English blog. Go check them out and spread the love! Technically I should share 28 facts about myself, but that’s a lot, so let’s stick to 15.