I’ve been nominated by a few of my lovely fellow blog-people for the unique blogger award. I haven’t done this one before, so that’s kinda cool. I think these are a great way to get to know other bloggers & an excellent opportunity to share some blogs I’ve been loving! An award post for your Friday, let’s do dis.

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LIEBSTER AWARD! (12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17)

liebster award

LOL oops. I’ve definitely let some of these award posts build up as I didn’t post any during blogmas. I like doing these bcuz I think it’s fun to answer the questions, but mostly I like doing them bcuz I like to support other blogs & share some I’ve been loving lately. TODAY I have a buncha questions to answer for the Liebster Award.

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real neat blog award

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, I’m so happy it’s Friday. 🙌🏻 Two of my lovely fellow bloggers nominated me for the real neat blog awardJacolene AKA Blissful Boho blogs about beauty, travel & everything lifestyle and Sarah AKA Vintage Tea Rose talks beauty, lifestyle, decor & more! Go check out their blogs and spread da love. I’ve got some questions to answer & some cool blogs to share.

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