Making Sugar Cookies With My Mum (Blogmas Day 20)


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is helping my mum bake cookies. She makes cookie tins to hand out to family & friends during the holidays and I help her make some of them. There’s like 5 different kinds, it’s a whole crazy cookie thing. The other day I went over to my parent’s place so we could make & decorate sugar cookies! Had some baileys on ice & made an afternoon of it.


DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater (Blogmas Day 18)

DIY ugly christmas sweater

My friend is back home from Cali for the holidays, so naturally we had an ugly sweater party this past weekend. I decided to DIY it instead of buying one, figured it might be more fun. So, I thought I would share what I did & how it came out! It doesn’t get much uglier than making your own ugly Christmas sweater, lol.


2017 Best Nine (Blogmas Day 17)

instagram 2017 best nine

I think everyone takes a minute or two around the holidays to reflect on the past year & look towards the new one. And idk about you, but one of the ways I like to remember stuff is to look at pictures. I thought I’d share my 2017 best nine & look back at some of my top moments! I love that the reindeer onesie made it on, there’s my hamster kyrie 🐹 & our couple costume this year was Bugs Bunny & Lola from Space Jam. My parents’ cat Murphy even made it on there. The one in the middle my friend Mia took, I was looking out this window when we all went to the Museum of Science. Such a good day!

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