Holiday Movies I’ve Been Loving (Blogmas Day 16)

top holiday movies

I like to know what types of holiday movies people like to watch & I also like to watch some odd ones that aren’t your typical Christmas movie. These aren’t necessarily my favorites (although I shared my favorite holiday movies last year), more just some that I’ve watched recently and enjoyed. So, here are some holiday movies I’ve been loving this year!

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I’m Talking Krampus (Blogmas Day 15)

legend of krampus

Today we’re talking about Krampus, a mythical part-goat, part-demon and a big contrast to friendly Santa Claus. This Christmas devil doesn’t look anything like the above picture, that’s from an episode of The League where Taco dresses as Krampus, which is really just his Mr. McGibblets suit. Bcuz it’s an amazing & holiday-appropriate episode & where I learned about Krampus. I actually thought the show made him up at first, but this cranky holiday demon is very real (kinda).

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Friend VS Boyfriend – Holiday Edition (Blogmas Day 14)

A video for blogmas day 14! My friend vs. my boyfriend. I asked them 11 questions (some holiday themed, some not) and saw who could answer more correctly to get the most points! We poured some drinks, had some laughs, I wore my reindeer onesie, this one was definitely a lotta fun. Friend vs. boyfriend, who’s gonna win?

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Netflix Original – A Christmas Prince (Blogmas Day 12)

Netflix A Christmas Prince

December means my Netflix Original review is a holiday special. I was SO excited to see Rose McIver (the girl from iZombie) in this one, knew I hadda watch & review it. I’m gonna try to talk about A Christmas Prince without spoiling too much, but honestly, it’s not a hard plot line to figure out lol.

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