Holiday Movies I’ve Been Loving (Blogmas Day 16)

top holiday movies

I like to know what types of holiday movies people like to watch & I also like to watch some odd ones that aren’t your typical Christmas movie. These aren’t necessarily my favorites (although I shared my favorite holiday movies last year), more just some that I’ve watched recently and enjoyed. So, here are some holiday movies I’ve been loving this year!

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Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies – Blogmas Day 10

favorite christmas movies

Who doesn’t like to get cozy and watch a Christmas movie? The good ones, the bad ones, doesn’t matter. I’m not sure I’ve met a Christmas movie yet that was unwatchable. One of my guilty pleasures is throwing on whatever happens to be on the Hallmark or Lifetime channel and they never disappoint. That being said, I do have my favorites! Need some holiday movie inspo? I got you!



Netflix A Very Murray Christmas

I watched A Very Murray Christmas last year when it was originally released on Netflix. I re-watched it last week and remembered how much I liked it! It’s a fairly laid-back Christmas special. It only got two stars on Netflix, but I kinda really love it. It’s different, full of familiar faces, and there’s singing. For the third day of blogmas, here’s my no-spoiler review!