TODAY, a collab with hannah who blogs lifestyle, travel & fashion over at just hannah here. She reached out to me with the idea to recreate each other’s instagram outfits & I couldn’t resist! She went through my insta & I went through hers, we each picked three outfits that we could recreate. SO, let’s see how I did.

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pineapple bacon pizza

A few weeks back Ann-Kathrin asked if I wanted to collab with her & share our favorite pizza. Well, who can say no to pizza? Head over to her blog post to find out what her favorite pizza is (spoiler: it looks delicious)! And watch me make pineapple bacon jalapeño pizza in under 3 minutes with the magic of video editing. Let’s do dis.

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Holiday Food & Drink – Collab with Glücksgeist (Blogmas Day 13)

holiday food and drink

Ann-Kathrin messaged me on Insta asking if I wanted to collab & I was so excited! Over on her blog she’s talking about some German stuff she likes to eat in December, go check it out. She’s so lovely and she blogs about baking, beauty, fashion & more. I like her blog & you might too! So, we’re gonna do a little food comparison, let’s talk about what I like to eat during the holidays.

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