unpopular opinionsIT IS about that time for another round of unpopular opinions. My favorite part about these posts is finding out which opinions you agree OR disagree with the most, SO definitely leave a comment & let me know! SENDING positive energy your way for a good month & I hope no one pranks you today, like why does this holiday even exist for real.
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thrift with meSO I’ve been on a fat Goodwill kick lately & figured it’s SPRING, why not do a thrift with me. I ALSO did some thrift flips & tried everything on for ya. THRIFTING is cool, sustainable fashion is cool & if you take the time to look you might find some really unique pieces. PLUS you can get some AMAZING deals & find trendier fashions for way less. LIKE I grabbed a pair of Levi’s for $4, but they were kinda big, SO I re-sized them & turned them into shorts. OR LIKE buying a belt for $2, kinda neat, really cheap, come thrift with me! Continue reading “THRIFT WITH ME, THRIFT FLIP & TRY-ON HAUL”


street style blogHEY HI HELLO this is actually don’t give a jam’s first BLOG post of 2019. I’ve been vlogging, but I haven’t blogged much lately, cuz of life & stuff. HERE today with a style post & wanna say THANK YOU for reading, THANK YOU for watching, thank you for giving a jam. I kinda skipped January, but it’s a long, silly month anyways, lol. SO here’s a vintage outfit of the day, a hand-me-down hoodie from my grampa, some sustainable fashion for ya, AN OUTFIT AND AN UPDATE. Continue reading “OOTD: TIGHTS AND A GRAMPA HOODIE”


christmas party outfit ideasPICTURE THIS: you’re going to your millionth holiday party of the season & suddenly you’re completely out of outfit ideas. You’ve gone through your wardrobe & everything sucks. We’ve all been there & sometimes you need some inspiration to find just the right outfit. Whether your holiday style is tacky, tasteful, or casual, let’s talk about holiday outfits. I ALMOST included a red dress, but I mean, we ALL know that’s a solid option. SO here are some Christmas party outfit ideas for some what-to-wear inspo! Continue reading “CHRISTMAS PARTY OUTFIT IDEAS”