Holiday Haiku (Blogmas Day 8)

blogmas don't give a jam

Every so often I like to throw a haiku out into the universe. I think it’s a fun way to be creative & try something different! If you’re into that sort of thing, feel free to leave your own holiday haiku in the comments. One haiku coming at you from don’t give a jam.

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A Sub-Par Haiku – Blogmas Day 16

christmas haiku

Writing a haiku is hard and blogging every day for 25 days isn’t easy either. Kudos to all the daily bloggers out there. I’m no good at the whole haiku thing, but I wrote this last night and thought I’d share anyways. Not everyone is good at everything. These soup-can-phone raccoons have always been one of my favorite ornaments and every year after we open presents we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I’ve always loved that tradition and I’ve always claimed the center cinnamon roll, that’s the best one. On the sixteenth day of blogmas, here’s a sub-par Christmas haiku!