thrift with meSO I’ve been on a fat Goodwill kick lately & figured it’s SPRING, why not do a thrift with me. I ALSO did some thrift flips & tried everything on for ya. THRIFTING is cool, sustainable fashion is cool & if you take the time to look you might find some really unique pieces. PLUS you can get some AMAZING deals & find trendier fashions for way less. LIKE I grabbed a pair of Levi’s for $4, but they were kinda big, SO I re-sized them & turned them into shorts. OR LIKE buying a belt for $2, kinda neat, really cheap, come thrift with me! Continue reading “THRIFT WITH ME, THRIFT FLIP & TRY-ON HAUL”



sustainable clothingA few years back, I proofread a paper about fast fashion written by a friend & I’ve been thinking about it ever since. FAST FASHION is the new & latest fashions coming from the catwalk, what’s new & trendy RIGHT now. The kind of clothes you might wear one season because they’re IN & then get rid of the next cuz they’re OUT, which is something I have a really hard time doing. I’m the keep-clothes-so-long-they-become-vintage type, SO here are my thoughts on fast fashion. Continue reading “MY THOUGHTS ON FAST FASHION”


thredup thriftingOKAY so when I heard about thredUP I was intrigued. It’s an online thrift store where you can buy and sell gently used clothes. So I sent in a buncha clothes, they bought some from me to sell on the site & donated the rest. You can also have them send back the clothes they don’t accept, but I chose the donate option. I heard about this online thrifting/consignment store & hadda give it a try for myself! Here are my thoughts for anyone who’s heard about thredUP and gone ‘hm, wonder if that’s any good?’ Continue reading “TRYING THREDUP: A REVIEW”