My Hamster’s Ugly Christmas Sweater (Blogmas Day 22)

hamster christmas sweater

It was asked for (yeah, seriously) and I couldn’t say no. After I madeĀ Halloween costumesĀ for my hamster a question I was asked quite a few times was, “Are you going to dress him up for Christmas too?!” & the answer is, obviously, yes. I figured an ugly holiday sweater and a santa hat was the perfect outfit to get Kyrie into the festive spirit. Making my hamster an ugly Christmas sweater, lol, here we go.


DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater (Blogmas Day 18)

DIY ugly christmas sweater

My friend is back home from Cali for the holidays, so naturally we had an ugly sweater party this past weekend. I decided to DIY it instead of buying one, figured it might be more fun. So, I thought I would share what I did & how it came out! It doesn’t get much uglier than making your own ugly Christmas sweater, lol.