Top 5 Holiday TV Episodes (Blogmas Day 3)

best holiday tv episodes

There’s something special about holiday TV episodes. I like that you get to see some of your favorite characters doing holiday stuff. I love a good (and bad) Christmas movie, but there’s just something cool about knowing the characters already & you only really get that with a TV show. Here are some of my favorite TV holiday specials, my top 5 holiday TV episodes.

1. The Office – A Benihana Christmas (S3:E10)

the office benihana christmas

All the office holiday episodes are such classics, but this is the one that makes my list. I love the rivalry holiday office parties, but can ya really beat margaritas & karaoke? Also Michael is excellent in this one, hilariously bad. And that tie? Fashion.

2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – A Very Sunny Christmas (S6:E13)

a very sunny christmas

This episode takes Christmas traditions to a whole new hilarious, although very aggressive level. Everyone has holiday traditions, but they’re usually a bit more traditional than Charlie & Mack’s. Plus, the bit with Hermey the elf (from Rudolph) is too funny. šŸ˜‚

3. How I Met Your Mother – Symphony of Illumination (S7:E12)

how I met your mother christmas

Ted has so much love for Robin & it’s so cool that the lights in the apartment line up with the music. I love how close the friends are in this show. Lighting the apartment for Robin is such a typical grand gesture from Ted, but what are the holidays for other than showing your loved ones just how much they mean to you?

4. That 70’s Show – The Best Christmas Ever (S1:E12)

that 70s show christmas

This episode combines family & friend holiday parties, figuring out what to get that special someone & having one too many drinks. Funny & feel-good, definitely what the holidays are all about. What’s a Christmas party if no one spikes the punch?

5. Arrested Development – Afternoon Delight (S2:E6)

arrested development afternoon delight

The actual epitome of a dysfunctional family holiday. The karaoke song choice is hilariously cringe (hint, check the show title). Sometimes the holidays are an absolute disaster, but at least you can laugh about it, right?

Do you have a favorite holiday TV episode? COMMENT BELOW!



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