5 Things To Do In The Fall

fall activitiesPeople get real amped up about fall & all the fall things. Beers get more hoppy, everything is pumpkin flavored & bikinis are traded for beanies. There are so many fun things to do in the fall & today I wanna share some of the things I like to do. Plus, I really wanna know what you guys like to do as well! Here’s 5 things to do when autumn rolls around. Continue reading “5 Things To Do In The Fall”

2 Year Blogiversary!

2 year blogiversaryDon’t Give a Jam has now been live on the internet for 2 years. Pretty neat if ya ask me. I started posting like once, maybe twice a week and now I’m posting every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I thought I’d share some of my popular blog posts and some of my most engaged readers. I love when you guys leave comments, such a great way to connect! Continue reading “2 Year Blogiversary!”

Planning Blog Posts & Ban.do Review

ban.do planner blogWhether you run a blog, own a business, have tons of homework, live a super busy life, it’s kinda nice to have one place to write everything down. I got this agenda (or planner) from ban.do a couple months ago & let me just say that I kinda love it. I’m not gonna act like I wasn’t so excited when this came in the mail, cuz I was. 1st, it’s beautiful & 2nd, it has so much cool extra stuff! So let’s talk blog planning & do a quick review of this agenda at da same time. Continue reading “Planning Blog Posts & Ban.do Review”