Liebster Award! (18, 19 & 20)

liebster awardI like doing these cuz it’s a great way to shout out some bloggers I’ve been loving lately. Plus the questions are kinda fun to answer. A few of my lovely fellow bloggers nominated me for the liebster award, which always autocorrects to lobster award. BIG THANKS to them & be sure to show their blogs some love! Some facts about me & the questions to 33 answers, let’s do dis liebster award tag thing.

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Making Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

homemade chicken broccoli alfredoMy friend Mia taught me how to make chicken broccoli alfredo completely from scratch & we vlogged da whole thing. I’m a huge fan of white sauce & it’s always way better when it’s homemade rather than from a jar, so it was really cool to learn! We’ve been friends for years now & I always love getting to see this gem. Homemade chicken broccoli alfredo, let’s do dis.

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OOTD: Plaid Pants & A Vintage Tee

vintage t-shirtI’ve said it once & I’ll say it again. I LOVE a good hand-me-down. This t-shirt was my mum’s when she was in her twenties, which I just think is so cool. A vintage t-shirt full of blueberries and a lot of memories, not something you can just buy off the rack. Also these plaid pants are giving me serious Rachel from friends vibes & I’m not mad about it. Outfit of the day featuring plaid pants and a vintage tee, let’s do dis. Continue reading “OOTD: Plaid Pants & A Vintage Tee”

Review: Becca Liptuitive Glow Gloss

I’m gonna start this post by saying I kinda really h8 lipgloss. It can be sticky & gross, but it looks so nice on the lips! Maybe it’s the 90’s kid in me, but I’m not mad about glossy lips being back on-trend. This is the liptuitive glow gloss from Becca & it’s definitely made me re-think my gloss feels. This is nothing like your sticky gloss from middle school.

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