Recreating A Childhood Picture – Tea Party With Dad

tea partyWhether you are a father, you know a father, or you love a father, I hope everyone had a lovely fathers day! I used to do this thing with my dad where I would invite him to my tea party & he had to dress up if he wanted to attend. Everything (including tea cookies, sugar cubes & even the tea) was supplied by my dad, but damn if he wasn’t wearing a hat, lol. I thought it would be cool to have some tea & cookies, re-create this childhood photo of my dad & I having a tea party. So, continue reading to see my dad & I having the same tea party, then & now.


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Mystery Blogger Award (14, 15 & 16)

mystery blogger awardOKAY SO maybe I’m wicked good at procrastinating cuz I don’t even remember the last time I was totally caught up on award posts, lol. I like doing these cuz it’s fun to answer all the questions & it’s a great way to shout out some blogs I’ve been loving! Let’s do dis mystery blogger award thing. Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award (14, 15 & 16)”

WEEKEND VLOG: Scaring Brett & Lots of Food

weekend vlog videoI’ve been uploading to my youtube channel every other Wednesday for a couple months now & I’m loving it! I like the clothing hauls & sit-down videos, but I love doing the vlogs. This one’s full of laughs, delicious food & a good scare. If you have about 4 minutes to spare for a weekend vlog, then let’s do dis. Continue reading “WEEKEND VLOG: Scaring Brett & Lots of Food”

OOTD: Circus Tent Midi Skirt

OOTDMy clothes have a huge impact on my mood, anyone else? If I like my outfit, everything’s good, the day’s going great. But bad outfit? Bad day. The pattern of this striped midi skirt reminds me of a circus tent & for some reason that makes me smile. Outfit of the day featuring this circus-tent-looking skirt, let’s do dis. Continue reading “OOTD: Circus Tent Midi Skirt”