This weekend my friend Jackie, my brother Steve & I went to Burlington, Vermont to visit our friend Tim. I saved some of my snaps from the weekend and want to share with my blog friends! Happy (belated) Earth Day. Snapchat saw it first, here’s my weekend in snaps.

Wandering around and enjoying a Vermont Maple Lager with lunch at the Vermont Pub & Brewery! Not pictured is the grilled cheese I had with smoked cheddar and side salad with house made vinaigrette. Delicious.

We love Switchback back home, so obviously we had to stop in at the Switchback Brewing Co. and it did not disappoint! Also, they’re pet friendly, which is something that I noticed a lot around Burlington, so we met a lot of pups this weekend.

Views from Lake Champlain and breakfast the next morning at Mirabelles. This bacon was seriously some of the best I’ve ever had.

We did some flights at the Burlington Beer Company, probably one of my favorite breweries there. Such different beers, definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Burlington. And that’s another view from Lake Champlain featuring me.

We spent quite a bit of time this weekend on Church Street, which has so many neat shops to look in! And we had delicious breakfast sandwiches at the Chubby Muffin before heading home.

COMMENT BELOW & let me know what you did this weekend! ALSO let me know if you’ve ever been to Burlington, VT.




  1. I’m living in the Burlington for the summer and absolutely love the area! Although I don’t really utilize the local breweries as much as others, I can’t get enough of the Green Mountain and Adirondack views. 😊🏔


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