unpopular opinionsOH HOW I LOVE sharing my unpopular opinions. I always get some of my absolute favorite comments on these blog posts, just so cool to see which opinions end up being popular & which end up being just me. SO sharing some opinions of the unpopular variety & PLEASE let me know which you agree, or disagree with most! Continue reading “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (8)”



unpopular opinionThrough a wonderfully merry season, you still have to stir up some drama here & there. I figured it was only right to post some unpopular holiday opinions this December! ALL I want for Christmas is for you to tell me how MUCH you agree and/or disagree with my opinions. These comment sections are always the best, so cool to compare thoughts. SO HERE WE GO, some unpopular opinions, Christmas edition. Continue reading “UNPOPULAR HOLIDAY OPINIONS”


I just, ya know, have a lot of opinions & I say the more unpopular the better. Or, at least the funnier the comment section. Anyone watch How I Met Your Mother and remember that episode with Katy Perry? They just keep saying “oh, honey” & that’s all I can think of when I wear this t-shirt. Sharing a buncha opinions that you may or may not disagree with completely. Unpopular opinions take 3, let’s do dis.

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