PLANNING BLOG POSTS & BAN.DO REVIEW planner blogWhether you run a blog, own a business, have tons of homework, live a super busy life, it’s kinda nice to have one place to write everything down. I got this agenda (or planner) from a couple months ago & let me just say that I kinda love it. I’m not gonna act like I wasn’t so excited when this came in the mail, cuz I was. 1st, it’s beautiful & 2nd, it has so much cool extra stuff! So let’s talk blog planning & do a quick review of this agenda at da same time.

how I plan my blog postsThis is a 17 month agenda & it has an elastic band to keep it closed tight as well as a ribbon bookmark. See that fries before guys sticker on the left? There’s a bunch of silly & trendy stickers to use, definitely a cute addition. Mostly I like all of the artwork throughout & there’s a lotta positive quotes & messages. I got the holographic one, but there’s a bunch of patterns/graphics to choose from! 10/10 would recommend.

I like to see all of my blog posts laid out like this so I know what I’ve just done versus what I haven’t written about in awhile. Maybe it’s been too long since I posted an OOTD, or I wanna remember to post my monthly chatty-coffee-post. Makes it easier to see everything laid out & have a place to take notes, etc. There are definitely days when I wake up & completely change my mind, write something completely new. But overall, it’s kinda nice to have blog posts planned in advance.

In da comments, tell me one positive thing that happened to you this weekend!

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  1. I have a planner too!! I don’t think I could ever go back to a regular planner.. especially since it tells me that I’m fabulous in a secret code. What girl doesn’t want that?!
    This weekend I had friends from out of town stay with me!!

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