Festive Candles (Blogmas Day 5)

seasonal candles

I’m a bit candle obsessed all year round, but there’s something so cozy about lighting a festive candle in the evening when it’s chilly outside. I like a good Christmas tree scented candle this time of year, especially since we use an artificial tree. Let’s talk cozy candle stuff, my favorite festive candles.

  • Balsam Fir – Celerie
    • This was in my last favorites post, it’s just a nice, light fir tree scent. I like that it fills the room without being overpowering & I like that it’s a soy candle.
  • Flannel – Bath & Body Works
    • This one is so lovely. It’s a bit masculine & described as crisp winter air. Some of the fragrance notes are bergamot & mahogany, which are some of my fave candle smells. Bit more manly smelling & less sweet.
  • Christmas Tree – Lily Mack Farm
    • It doesn’t have a scent name that I can see, but when burned, it makes your home smell like you have a real Christmas tree rather than a fake one. Bonus points for being made of natural clean-burning wax.
  • Winter Mint Spruce – Bath & Body Works
    • I really like mint-scented stuff & candles are no exception. Just smells so fresh & with pine, spruce & lavender you can’t really go wrong with this minty, relaxing tree scent. Kinda like smelling a spruce tree while eating a mint.
  • Mahogany Teakwood – White Barn
    • holiday candles
      This one smells like cologne, no other way to describe it. The mahogany, cedarwood & oak are balanced nicely with lavender & geranium for a masculine scent that’s nice & strong.
  • Mistletoe – Lily Mack Farm
    • This is made out of an actual holiday beer bottle, how cool? The mistletoe scent is like a fresh, outdoorsy Christmas tree & I love that they took trash and made it into a candle. Lily Mack Farm is an adorable local tree farm & they have a shop with so many festive gifts like this one! Perfect for holiday shopping.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday scent is, candle or otherwise!



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