pineapple bacon pizza

A few weeks back Ann-Kathrin asked if I wanted to collab with her & share our favorite pizza. Well, who can say no to pizza? Head over to her blog post to find out what her favorite pizza is (spoiler: it looks delicious)! And watch me make pineapple bacon jalapeño pizza in under 3 minutes with the magic of video editing. Let’s do dis.

pineapple bacon jalapeno pizza

Kind of a different take on Hawaiian pizza w/ bacon instead of ham & the addition of jalapeño. I know a lot of people h8 pineapple on pizza, but I like the sweetness of the fruit w/ the spicy jalapeño & bacon is a good addition, always. I typically just use store-bought dough & it makes it so much easier. You can top it with whatever you want, which is the fun part of making pizza for dinner (besides eating it).

Go check out to find out how Ann-Kathrin incorporates zucchini into her pizza. And rather than h8ing on pineapple pizza in the comments, tell me YOUR favorite pizza!



36 thoughts on “PINEAPPLE PIZZA RECIPE – COLLAB W/ Glücksgeist

      1. Haha not only do I love it but I also just tried saying pineapple pizza people ten times fast (I failed lol) It isn’t. They make the best pizza in the valley. And despite living in New York. I miss it! ❤

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