OOTD: Plaid Pants & A Vintage Tee

vintage t-shirtI’ve said it once & I’ll say it again. I LOVE a good hand-me-down. This t-shirt was my mum’s when she was in her twenties, which I just think is so cool. A vintage t-shirt full of blueberries and a lot of memories, not something you can just buy off the rack. Also these plaid pants are giving me serious Rachel from friends vibes & I’m not mad about it. Outfit of the day featuring plaid pants and a vintage tee, let’s do dis.

I saw these plaid pants at PacSun and fell for them hard, but left without buying anything. I hadda go back and get them a few days later cuz I couldn’t stop thinking about them, lol. They have an elastic waist, so they’re wicked comfy & I love the laid-back vibe when paired with a graphic tee. The only weird thing is that they came in one size fits all…like? all of who? People aren’t one size so lol @ one size fits all, I don’t get it, idk.

I wanted to wear these green & blue plaid pants, but was going for a more casual look. So I paired them with this vintage t-shirt that I stole from my mum years ago. It’s soft & cozy & it makes me smile. I added my brown moccasin booties to keep my feet warm and finished off the look with my bomber jacket for even more 90’s vibes.


  • t-shirt – vintage from my mum
  • pants – john galt via PacSun
  • mocassins – minnetonka
  • jacket – ASOS
  • glasses – percey by Warby Parker


Back from vacation & not loving this cold New England weather. Who else is ready for spring? In da comments, tell me about your favorite hand-me-down!

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