SHARING 12 inexpensive things to do to help you feel festive! These 12 days of Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate, to be PC) should get you into the spirit!

  1. Light a holiday scented candle
    • Doesn’t matter which brand, or scent, as long as it reminds you of the holidays! I went with ‘Wish – Christmas Spice’ by White Barn if you need some inspiration.
  2. Decorate your cubicle (or office)
    • Whether you bring in decorations from home, or buy some cheap ones, decorating your cubicle or office can help you feel festive. Most people spend quite a bit of time at the office, so it shouldn’t be overlooked decoration-wise.
  3. Put on an ugly sweater, they aren’t just for parties
    • Wear them to work, or on the weekends when you do your holiday shopping. The one I’m wearing in the pic above was only $20 at Target! If an ugly sweater doesn’t get you in the spirit, then I don’t know what will.
  4. Go see some Christmas lights
    • I recently went to a zoo where they put up lights for the holidays. It was under $10 and got us out of the house to see some beautiful decorations! Another option is to get in the car and drive around a bit, you’ll quickly see that a lot of people have amazing holiday light displays on their homes and front lawns.
  5. Bake some cookies
    • You don’t have to be Betty Crocker to do this. Whether your cookies are made from scratch or you buy raw cookie dough, your home will smell of cookies, which is pretty festive if you ask me. Plus, you can share the treats you made with friends and co-workers!
  6. Put on all of the Christmas music
    • I’m talking the good, the bad, and the ugly of Holiday songs. That’ll do the trick.
  7. Hot cocoa or eggnog
    • Eggnog is a seasonal drink to help you feel festive, and even better with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top! Hot cocoa is always good, especially with a candy cane and whipped cream. Bonus: if you’re of age, alcohol can be added to either to warm you up on those cold nights!
  8. Decorate your house
    • Whether this means putting up your Christmas tree, or pulling out the menorah, the more festive your home feels, the more festive you’ll feel.
  9. Holiday movies
    • Turn on the Hallmark channel and watch any and every special that comes on. I dare you not to get into the holiday spirit.
  10. Build gingerbread men/houses
    • It’s a fun activity to do that’s seasonal, and after you’ve enjoyed making and decorating them, you get to eat them!
  11. Wrap your presents
    • I like to put on a holiday movie or music and wrap all my gifts at once. I keep it fairly simple, but if you’re crafty, you can go all out with ribbons, bows, and name tags.
  12. Donate
    • It doesn’t have to be anything big, even the smallest donation helps. It can make you feel like less of a grinch, especially when the mall is swamped and you want to scream about commercialism. You could donate a dollar to the Santa standing outside the liquor store ringing his bell at you, or you could donate a gift to Toys for Tots.

So there you go! 12 days of Christmas to get anyone feeling festive for the holidays.



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