netflix original love.pngOKAY let’s talk about this netflix original. I started watching it a few weeks back & I’ve already watched it through twice. This one’s from Judd Apatow & it’s clumsy, imperfect, raw & pretty damn funny. We’re talking about the netflix original love, brought to you by the clever brain behind titles such as knocked up, the 40 year old virgin & so MUCH more. A very low-spoiler (to no-spoiler) review of the netflix original love, a down-to-earth story about, well, love.

DATES: 2016-2018


EPISODES: 34 each like 25-40 min. long

Gillian Jacobs plays a girl named mickey, lovable, quirky & has quite the addictive personality. Paul Rust (from I Love You, Beth Cooper – an all-time classic, according to my dad) plays gus, the nerdy, nice-guy with problems of his own. The characters are amazing; crazy & relatable and the acting is really good. I especially love Claudia O’Doherty who plays bertie, the funny nice girl from Australia who moves in with mickey. Just overall great casting!

Recently-single boy meets recently-single girl and you know, yada yada. But this isn’t your typical fairytale romance where every little thing is perfect. The characters are flawed & you kinda even h8 them a little at times. It’s a different look at love, a messy kind of love. It’s interesting to see the challenges they face, especially when it comes to mickey’s issues with addiction. She’s something of a wild child & he’s a people-pleaser, but sometimes the whole ‘opposites attract’ thing rings true. Give this a watch if you want to see two impulsive, flawed weirdos try to figure out what love is all about.


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