mcdonald's mukbang

JUST a casual chatty mukbang & I thought McDonald’s might help cure my time travel hangover. Talking about self-care, astrology, a great series on Netflix, my first trip to the West Coast & more. SO, here’s a MCDONALD’S MUKBANG because life is all about balance & sometimes you just need McDonald’s. GRAB lunch, grab a snack, grab some tea, mukbang with me.

self-care and eating mcdonald’s

IF YOU’VE got about 8 minutes & want someone to eat with, or just enjoy a good mukbang, give it a watch! A BUNCH of food & A BUNCH of thoughts on my favorite astrology signs, thrifting, self-care being more than just bubble baths, thoughts on going vegetarian, etc. etc. SO come hang, WATCH if ya want & SUBSCRIBE if ya like, both are FREE.99 & really help support my late nights spent editing.


COMMENT BELOW, let me know what dipping sauce you get at McDonald’s & ALSO let me know what other videos you’d like to see from me!


JAM 🍔🍟

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