OUTFIT OF THE DAY – Pizza Beanie (Blogmas Day 11)

My friend Jackie gave me this beanie as an early Christmas present & I love it. I like clothes that are a bit weird & this beanie is definitely unique. It snowed this weekend, so I put together an outfit that would work in the cold & snowy weather. I wore this to lunch & I stayed warm & cozy. Pepperoni pizza beanie outfit of the day.

I knew I wanted to wear my pizza beanie, was just feeling it, ya know? So I started there and added this striped long-sleeve top from The Loft, black jeans with ripped knees from American Eagle Outfitters, and my Timberland work boots since it was snowy & I wanted my feet to stay warm & dry. I topped it off with this charcoal grey long wool coat from Anne Klein. Also an iced coffee because I don’t follow the norm of switching from iced to hot just cuz there’s snow on the ground.

COMMENT BELOW & tell me one good thing that happened to you this weekend!



39 thoughts on “OUTFIT OF THE DAY – Pizza Beanie (Blogmas Day 11)

  1. You’re crazy with that iced coffee, but the outfit is really cute. I’m a big fan of boots and beanies (especially on men, yum). This weekend I danced my ass off for hours with some friends. Good times 🙂


  2. I LOVE this look! And that hat is adorable! Also girl you are giving me serious snow envy! I missed the snow fall in New York and I am hoping when I go home to NH for Christmas they have snow! I need snow! LOL. ❤


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