Did You Know That National Best Friends Day Is A Thing?

best friend dayMy ban.do planner has informed me that it’s national best friends day! I figured I’d celebrate by sharing some pics of me & my friends. Whether you have a group of friends, one friend, your hamster is your friend, or you have internet friends, it’s nice to know someone is there for ya. Let’s talk friends for best friends day.

Every so often our friend Chris designs matching shirts for us, lol you know, regular friend stuff. That other pic is our ugly sweater party. I did a DIY ugly sweater & we had fun drinking in our festive, ugly outfits.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The only way to have a friend is to be one” & I totally agree. Friendship is a two-way thing, gotta be a friend to your friends. Talk to them when they need someone to listen & make sure they know ya love ’em.

Don’t forget FAMILY, cuz they can be best friends too. Whether your family is your boyfriend, your immediate family, or an extended family. It’s a special kind of love & that should be celebrated too!

CHEERS to friends & national best friends day! We like to drink beer, do fun stuff & love each other hard. What do you & your friends like to do?


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